High Fidelity,
Low Latency,

In today’s ever changing world, delivering the highest quality content on-demand is THE challenge. RemotePro provides ultra-low latency, broadcast-ready audio and video via public high speed internet, allowing artists, broadcasters, consumers, creatives, fans, labels, musicians, networks, and talent to connect and create!

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RemotePro’s proprietary methods ARE the hybrid that has always been missing with tour/PA/on-site recording systems. Sure, you could deploy any DAW to record the show, but NO ONE was monitoring every single source for quality control and making a proper mix.

Our remote engineers control and monitor our MULTI-CHANNEL AUDIO systems in real-time and in full resolution. Reference audio (and optional video) can be freely moved by a number of available transport solutions depending on client-specific needs and available on-location resources.


GRAMMY, Peabody, Prime-Time Emmy and TEC Award-winning, world-class talent

Our engineers use hardware fader and knob control via RFN private network tunnels

Capture, mixing and distribution of audio (and optional video) feeds

High fidelity, full resolution audio in real-time

Scalable systems - from a single microphone to high channel counts

Easily duplicated to multiple locations - including yours

Superior results at a FRACTION of traditional broadcast budgets!


RemotePro audio and video systems are deployed on-location to locally capture audio and video, apply processing, and then distribute major-network quality content quickly and reliably – via safe and secure network tunnels over the common internet – with a minimal hardware footprint and greatly reduced onsite personnel requirements. 


Plug and play devices that simply work.  Just provide power and a stable network connection!


device agnostic, secure, and ultra fast, RFN Transport enables creators, producers, project owners, and stakeholders to truly collaborate. 

Trusted by the best

“Near-zero latency. Ten bands tracked, mixed, and remixed in record-setting time for a show this size.”

Gayle P. De Poli
Technical Producer & President
Pink Slip Productions

“There’s no going backward… RPG has now proven that what was a dream a decade ago is now possible.”

Alex Coletti
Executive Producer
Alex Coletti Productions